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Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Flavored Soda & Sparkling Water - 8 Pack - Wholesale - USA

Jelly Belly Flavored Soda & Sparkling Water - 8 Pack - Wholesale - USA

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 Stock up with the 24-count case of 12-ounce cans to keep fun, fizzy refreshment always on hand. At home, on vacation or in the office, this sweet-as-pie sipper quenches your thirst while brightening your mood — and keeping your nutritional goals on target. This is the sparkling water experience you’ve been waiting for. Go ahead and indulge, because Jelly Belly Very Cherry is OU Kosher Certified and 100% guilt-free.

Jelly Belly Sparkling Water brings your favorite candy flavors to glittery life. Sip on juicy refreshment that’s totally guilt-free with our zero-calorie sparkling water in eight fun and festive flavors. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll want to try them all! Talk about finding a fun way to enjoy soda water throughout your day without the same old boring flavors.

Fabulous Flavors

Jelly Belly means big, true-to-life flavor in small packages. That counts for Jelly Belly Sparkling Water, as well as our high-quality candy. We saw the sparkling water craze heading our way and thought, what if it could be better? So, we looked to our amazingly flavorful Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors for inspiration and came up with eight mouth-watering flavors for our sparkling water that takes it up a notch. What is better than a fun yet flavorful way to enjoy a guilt-free drink throughout your day? This is especially true for those who are trying to lose weight and don’t want to drink their calories. However, they also don’t want to compromise taste either. The Jelly Belly seltzer water is the answer.

Very Cherry Sparkling Water reminds you why cherries top sundaes, while Lemon Lime Sparkling Water captures sunshine and citrus freshness in carbonated form. Get the rich satisfaction of cream soda without the guilt in our French Vanilla Sparkling Water. Imagine yourself on a sandy beach getaway with Pina Colada Sparkling Water or relive your childhood summers with Watermelon Sparkling Water. For more fruity fun, allow Orange Sherbet Sparkling Water to surprise your taste buds with creamy juiciness. Best of all, two of our personal favorites are Tangerine Sparkling Water (to brighten the gloomiest of days) and Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water (to tickle your senses with fresh delight) and they both come in 24 cases, so you’ll never be without.

As you can see, there’s flavored soda water for anyone in your life. Get your fill of our true-to-life, authentic flavors while drinking seltzer water throughout your day too.

Nothing but Taste

Our natural flavors bring our sparkling water to life. Just as you expect true-to-life taste in our signature candy, you’ll get all-natural flavors that taste like the real deal in each refreshing sip of Jelly Belly Sparkling Water — and not much else! Each 12-ounce can contains no sugar, no sweetener, zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sodium. Plus, our Jelly Belly sparkling water is OU kosher certified and Whole Foods compliant, so virtually everyone can feel really good and confident in indulging in these fun flavors of soda water.

Fun That Counts

After just one sip, you’ll want to share Jelly Belly Sparkling Water with everyone you know. Stock up for home or your office with 8 count cases of your favorite flavor, so you won’t ever run out.

Try new taste sensations with our eight-packs of single flavors. You can even take our Jelly Belly flavored soda water to the next party on your calendar and watch the smiles of your family and friends spread.

Use them as mixers to create your own signature, delicious cocktails, or pair your favorite flavors with fruit slices for fresh mocktails. 


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