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Who should I contact to sell my products either online or in a warehouse?

Why Sell to Rare Candy Canada ?

  • You will get access to our Visitors on our website (over 100,000 monthly), and over 500,000 monthly social media impressions. 
  • Introduce New Products, or better price to our customers, we distribute for you. 
  • Much More Benefits 

We Buy From Any Country. Rare Candy Canada Imports

Export to Rare Candy Canada 

Great News ! Our NEW Vendor Program is here to help make our customers, happier, with new products, a greater variety, and a better price.

Rare Candy Canada is the easiest, fastest way to sell Wholesale & Distribute your items. 

Have something new ? Better price ? Great !

Sell to Rare Candy Canada, and reach over 100,000 website traffic visitors per month  Wholesale exotic, rare customers who visit our website traffic visitors per month . 

Our customers are very special access and huge audience to provide value! 


Contact our team, We are BUYING Wholesale Exotic, Candy, Snacks & Drinks, and wholesale items in the consumer market.

What makes Selling to Rare Candy Canada Wholesale Different ?

  1. No Storage Fees at our Warehouse.
  2. Lowest Cost To Distribute In Toronto & Canada 
  3. Large Warehouse to store large quantities 
  4. No extra MISC Fees, that you might see on Amazon.
  5. Reach over 100,000 customers, over 500,000 impressions on social media monthly 


Rare Candy Canada Wholesale is 100% committed to working with qualified suppliers in the communities where we do business. This is consistent with our overall values as a company to foster a positive inclusive environment, free from inequity and unlawful discrimination.

For our suppliers, working with Rare Candy Canada provides expanded opportunities into new markets, support and a valued partnership that helps create sustainable business partnerships for the future.

For Rare Candy Canada , working alongside our diverse suppliers helps us explore new possibilities, and develop new and unique high quality items for our members. As a result this will help positively affect the economic development of the communities where we do business.