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swedish candy store in Toronto? Yes Swedish Candy Canada is available from Rare Candy Canada

Swedish Candy Canada? 

Hej! That is how you say hey In Swedish! 

We want to share this incredible Swedish Candy with you! We had to get this candy here for all of you, so we Air Shipped Bubs Candy, and more Swedish Candy so everyone could enjoy at a lower price! Rare Candy Canada is happy so you can try this amazing quality Candy.

Why is swedish Candy so POPULAR?

A trend on tiktok showed some cool textures and shapes of Foam Ovals, and Foam Skulls. Once people found out its made with real cane sugar, no fructose, no artificial colours, and only natural flavours, Everyone had to try this amazing Candy. 


Sweden is know for many things, but their Candy is Amazing and a Must try! 

Bubs Candy and your favourite Swedish Candy is available from www.rarecandycanada.ca



To get a Swedish Candy Mix, We dont have much left so order today before its sold out! 

 Does Swedish Candy from Rare Candy Canada ship to the United State's of America? 

Yes! We ship all over canada and usa! 

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